I bloody love food do you?

Welcome to I bloody love food. In case you were yet to guess, I bloody love food. I wake up thinking about food, I go to bed dreaming about food, my days are taken up wondering what I am going to eat later. The whole millennial thing that so annoys those of more mature generations is that we are all concerned with being fulfilled in life, rather than that stiff upper lip, life is shit get on with it and have wine when you get home from work, view of old. So in that vein to distract from my hum drum working life where I pretend to care about making money for a large multinational corporation, I have decided that I might as well chase after some of this self fulfilment through sharing my love of food with all of you.

My mission is simple, and should I gain any followers please badger me if I start slacking. I will write at least once a week about something food related. A restaurant review, an ode to meat, health tips, cooking tips, eating tips etc. The list could go on.

I will endeavour to write in my own colloquial style which will no doubt grow with the blog. So join me on my culinary adventure through life.

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