Eelbrook – Fulham – Review

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Quick Look

  • Price – £15  per person with coffee.
  • Menu – Diverse and different. An emphasis on fresh ingredients and simple flavours.
  • Standout dishes – Avocado, Chilli, Onion, Tomato with Sourdough Toast and a Poached Egg
  • Atmosphere – Bright, airy and minimalist. When full it buzzes with the hum of conversation, but when empty it can feel sparse.
  • Reservations – Walk-in or book a table, it’s up to you!

Eelbrook common, stretching from Wandsworth Bridge road to Fulham Broadway, has recently become home to Eelbrook, a small minimally designed restaurant. I had the pleasure of attending Eelbrook this Valentines day with my girlfriend. After all the normal morning rituals, presents, cards, flowers, we wrapped up warm and began our walk from Battersea to our brunch.

A cool breeze whipped down the Thames as the clouds, grey and white, crossed the sky. We huddled together, roads uncharacteristically quiet as lovers chose to stay under duvets. We persevered, complaining stomachs, shivering muscles.

The Eelbrook shimmered, even in the dull February light. We walked through the heavy glass door into the bright airy space. The design takes advantage of the light from the 3 glass walls with pine furniture and a white colour scheme. The room is bright yet welcoming.

We were quickly shown to our seat, our pick of tables by the expansive window. Couples walking passed on morning strolls, a large jug of tap water placed on our table. Our waitress, bright, warm and friendly graciously took our coffee orders and disappeared. We were left to discover the delights of the menu.

Like the restaurant the menu design was minimalist, easy to navigate and understand. My eyes locked to the brunch options. It was love at first sight. Avocado, chilli, onion, tomato, coriander and lime, with sourdough toast and a poached egg (I asked for two). There are other options available ranging from fresh all butter croissants to ricotta pancakes and baked eggs. The lunch menu is also extremely appealing offering a number of delicious looking options, from flatbread with Babaganoush to steaks.

The Brunch


Our waitress speedily brought our meals. At first glance it was not disappointing. A spectacular mound of smashed avocado teetering on browned sourdough bread, nesting on top two lovely fresh poached eggs. Within the avocado flashes of colour hinted at the chilli and red onion present within. The dish assured you of its freshness both in ingredients and taste before the first mouthful.

It passed the first test with flying colours, one cut into each egg and gold oozed down over the avocado below. Each bite was invigorating. The first taste of avocado and egg soon gave way to the bright taste of tomato, coriander and red onion. The chilli unfortunately somewhat lost in the mix. The sourdough toast, necessary to add a different texture, felt at home as the base. A few more chews and the prevailing flavour of citrus came through, crisp, adding an unexpected bite to the dish, slightly overpowering leaving a sharp aftertaste.

Overall I enjoyed my first Eelbrook meal. I will be going back to try some of their other dishes, and as a brunch dish my mine was a wonderful uplifting change to the usual stodgy brunches you expect. It remains a shame that the citrus overpowered the rest of the flavours in a deliciously complex take on brunch.

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