The Shed – Step out of London and into the Countryside.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Take a short walk away from Notting Hill Gate, towards Bayswater, and before long you will stumble across a little piece of the countryside in the centre of London. This small building does not fit in with those around it, made entirely of wood, ignoring the historical Georgian and Victorian architecture around it, echoes of its name are apparent. Looking like it has been picked up from England’s green and pleasant land and unceremoniously crammed between London’s heavy buildings The Shed represents an exciting concept. Formed by three brothers, one the farmer, another the chef and the other the manager, this is vertically integrated cooking. One look at the menu and you will immediately understand what to do. This is English Tapas made with the freshest ingredients straight from the farm to your table.

As you walk through the rickety wooden terrace and through the doors to be greeted by a beaming host dressed in a checked shirt and chinos you will instantly feel at home. As you are shown to your table have a look around the room, decorated with mismatched furniture and painted in shabby colour it looks as though these brothers have put their dream together with whatever they could get their hands in. This adds to the significant charm that this out of place building already has in abundance. You will be sitting elbow to elbow with other diners, perusing the delights available on the ever changing menu. Other than a few fan favourites, such as the Lamb Chips, deep fried pulled lamb served with harissa, lemon and parsley, it is not uncommon to be advised on sitting, “I would recommend the pheasant, it was shot this morning.” With attitudes to food changing in the wake of the Tesco horse meat scandal we are increasingly concerned about where our dishes come from, yet nowhere else can you pinpoint not only where it originated but also the method by which it got to your plate, down to the person responsible for getting it there. You will not find dishes fresher than if you went out and caught it yourself.

Very quickly you will begin to understand what makes The Shed different from anywhere else in London. This farm to table concept can often lead to delicious food, but sub standard presentation explained as rustic and homely. Do not expect this here, every dish on The Shed’s menu is accomplished in both taste and presentation, displaying unexpected finesse at every turn, from perfectly cooked meat and vegetables to beautiful bright garnishes and expertly made sauces.

As the menu changes daily I cannot recommend many dishes apart from the Lamb Chips and the Wood Pigeon, which are fan favourites, however I can recommend going with the delightfully friendly waiting staff’s recommendations on everything. No matter what you order it will be delicious and leave you wanting more. For the food your are served you will expect a hefty bill at the end, but this will be yet another surprise. Although not cheap, the quality of the food, service and atmosphere signal a restaurant far more accomplished and expensive than this. At The Shed you will come away having tried things you may not have before, deeply satisfied and with a smile on your face, I guarantee it.

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