Brew Cafe – Northcote Road, Battersea

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ½

Quick Look

  • Price – £18-22 per person with coffee.
  • Menu – Small but well thought out for both brunch and dinner. Expect small variations on classic dishes.
  • Atmosphere – Cosy, warm and friendly. Brew feels like the little village cafe you have always dreamed of.
  • Reservations – Book or walk in, it’s up to you


I love brunch. That wonderful amalgamation of breakfast and lunch into a delicious decadent meal is what keeps me going on cruel Wednesday afternoons, that promise that come Saturday 11:00 AM I will be tucking into some format of eggs, bacon and sides. The abundance of brunch places in London seem to hint that I am not the only one.

I have wandered from my flat down to Brew Cafe on Northcote Road more times than I care to count, and I do so for a reason. This scrappy upstart chain, already with a number of locations, does a quite delectable brunch. Each one of it’s cafe’s is contemporary but cosy, familiar yet also interesting.

This ethos is brought through into its delightful Brunch menu. Everything on there is recognisable but with a twist that makes it just so slightly out of the ordinary. Instead of scrambled eggs with ham or bacon there is Folded eggs with chorizo, a delightful mix between an omelette and scrambled eggs. Creamy and runny but with enough substance to be deeply satisfy, the sourdough toast below mopping up all of the lovely egg and chorizo essence that is left behind. For those wanting something a little more ordinary you have the ever-present Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale crowd pleasers to contend with.

We all know that a truly good brunch comes with a smorgasbord of sides, and this is where Brew really comes into its own. Particular highlights are the balsamic and pesto mushrooms, a delicious combination that I would not have tried otherwise, and the treacle bacon. Commendable mention goes to the smashed avocado, although it is always slightly too citrusy for me.

Alongside the food, the coffee is brewed expertly. Sharp and brimming with delicious flavour with just the right amount of froth in the milk, I am yet to be disappointed.

Brew is in a crowded market, but it’s offerings make for a welcome change from the now mundane offerings of many other places. For those wanting a quick in and out meal, you are likely to be waiting a long time for a table as each location besides the one in Putney are in extremely small venues. However on the off chance you catch it on a quiet day, pop in, it’s definitely worth it.

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