A change is afoot

Finally it is time for the dual review – this guest blogger come co-author and your host have decided to render this blog a joint venture. So we have decided that come the New Year this blog will be re-launched as ‘webloodylovefood.com’ because, well, we really do. All the original content has been uploaded and in a bid to build a higher content for followers the two of us will post both from our separate and combined foodie excursions around London and elsewhere. Therefore in a bid to entice and encourage our readership to be ever more religious in their following we thought it would be a good idea to let you know a bit about ourselves.

We have been best buds for a few years through a mutual love of the London food scene and a beverage or 5. We have known each other since the age of 9 and now work in the City. Our mutual love of food blossomed a few years ago over a steak (where else) under the railway arches in Waterloo at the Arch Duke. It was at that point that we set out to eat our way across London. Over the course of the last few years there have been meat hangovers, pizza comas and wing withdrawal. We have combined our efforts on occasion with our better halves who, for their sins, approve of our mutual marriage to food. We take a huge amount of enjoyment from visiting various restaurants and pop-ups and feel this is a great way to share our experiences so that you can enjoy them too.

This blog is intended to be a number of things. It is an outlet for us to share our experiences and thoughts. In addition we are keen cooks and will occasionally share recipes or experiences that we have attended, for example the Ginger Pig butchery course. In an ideal world we would love to build up a decent following of people who simply enjoy reading the reviews, and perhaps, will venture to some of the locations to enjoy an evening with friends or family. If the blog does well then there are other ideas that we may explore (but we will keep those up our sleeves for now). The main thing is to enjoy. Please feel free to post comments or ask questions at the contact addresses below and generally interact about food. We hope you enjoy WeBloodyLoveFood.

Tom & Ben

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