Senor Ceviche – Kingly Court – Peruvian cooking for all to enjoy

Photo credit: Senor Ceviche


  • Website – Senor Ceviche
  • Price – Between £25-£30 per person
  • Highlights – Senor Ceviche, Pachamama Ribs, Chifa Chiccarones


⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Before I start this review it is important to understand what Ceviche actually is, considering that it is this restaurant’s namesake.

Ceviche is a popular Latin American dish usually consisting of raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with aji or chilli peppers. It is an extremely simple dish but one of such flavour and depth to enjoy almost mythical status. In Peru Ceviche even has its own national holiday so justifiably Ben and I had high hopes.

On walking into Senor Ceviche you are hit with a reclaimed wood filled interior and forms of mariachi music playing in the background. The lights were low giving a relatively good impression of sitting in a street market at night.

We began as we always do, a couple of beers and an order to entertain us as we perused the menu. We started with Chicharrone De Calamar, which is crispy baby quid with jalapeno mayo. This was what we expected it to be which is no bad thing, crispy squid and a lovely flavourful mayo which had just the right amount of heat coming through at the end of each mouthful. A strong start, but it is just fried squid so it should be good.

Our main order consisted of Chifa Chicharrones, which is slow cooked pork belly, Pachamama pork ribs, Flat Iron Y Uchucuta, which is a flat-iron steak and uchucuta salad and finally we ordered the Senor Ceviche, their namesake Ceviche.

The Chifa Chicharrones like the squid were as good as they were expected to be. Crispy skin and nice tender meat reaching the minimum requirements for a good pork belly dish, the sweet soy dressing did tip it over the top into something really quite good.

Next we had the Pachamama ribs, which given our recent rib debacles I did not have high hopes for. I was pleasantly surprised the slow cooked ribs beautifully came away from the bone and the sweet yakiniku sauce with roasted peanuts made for a really interesting salty and sweet flavour combination. A definite winner in my book.

Penultimately we were served the Flat Iron Y Uchucuta and considering the ribs we were on a high. The problem with being on such a high is that it hurts when you come crashing down and boy did we crash when the steak turned up. First impressions were that it was obviously over cooked, closer even to well done than medium or medium rare. This is enough in itself to make for a disappointing dish, but couple that with a uchucuta salad that was so over powering with the flavour of aniseed that the beef might as well have not been on the plate.

Having been knocked sideways by the steak we then held our breath for the Senor Ceviche, our last dish. Sea bream and octopus ceviche with aji amarillo tiger’s milk, sweet potato puree, avocado, coriander, red onion & crispy baby squid. What in that ingredient list doesn’t sound good? The Sea bream was wonderfully citrusy and full of flavour and definitely the star of the dish throwing shade over the octopus which seems to be there for texture rather than flavour. The rest of the dish is happy being the backing band to the super star Sea bream up front and that is no bad thing, it comes together to create a wonderful crescendo of flavour.

Senor Ceviche was a pleasant surprise, a nice place to eat, a good menu that specialises just enough and by and large decent food. Are you going to come out of here recommending it to everyone you know? Probably not, but if you want to try some new flavours in a pretty non-threatening environment it is pretty good.

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