Chi-Fafa – Gone are the days of a quick and dirty kebab.

Stepping away from our usual dinner exploits, Ben and I recently made the long journey across London to Farringdon. Blessed with many fantastic eateries this doesn’t seem odd but for once we were going a bit off the radar, to a kebab shop…

We met at around 20:00 in Brewdog, the first time I have ever tried out one of their bars. Brewdog is a company going from strength to strength, starting out with humble origins as a micro-brewery they have grown into a veritable player in the beer industry with each one of their special beers making the competition look staid and unimaginative. This however is not a piece about Brewdog, impressive as their bars are, because next door sits Chi-Fafa.

Chi-Fafa, kebabs made good.

Chi-Fafa is a concept that is attempting to upgrade the kebab. This is not your ordinary drunk food anymore. Made with fresh ingredients, there are no rotary cookers or garlic sauce here, it is not a total departure from the tried and tested model as seating is minimal and table service non – existent.

The menu is pretty simple, chicken, lamb or falafel with a variety of garnishes. Ben and I both went for the same, the slow cooked shoulder of Lamb with amba, fresh herbs, feta cheese and red cabbage slaw. Every kebab comes wrapped in a delightfully thick souvlaki bread and each bite is a really pleasant mix of flavours with the lamb slow-cooked to perfection. There is not a whole lot more I can say. Chi-Fafa is tasty fast-food and something different to what is normally available. If you find yourself in Farringdon and a little bit peckish I recommend stopping in at Brewdog for a beer and heading next door to Chi-Fafa for a bite, failing that Brewdog also have a pretty great menu to choose from.

The wings at brewdog. Flavourful with a nice crunch but disappointing blue cheese dressing

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