WBLFs Top 5 London Brunches

Aah brunch. That wonderful time between breakfast and lunch on your well earned weekend. The feeling of walking into your favourite restaurant and ordering a coffee and Eggs Benedict fully aware that this could be the only meal you have until dinner makes for a special occasion to rival any other. Those that try to have a healthy or small brunch are misguided ,in WBLFs humble opinion, for the only thing more forlorn than an orphaned puppy is Eggs Benedict without at least 3 sides.

So without further delay here are WBLFs 5 favourite London brunches:


  1. Brew

    Brew is in a crowded market, but it’s offerings make for a welcome change from the now mundane offerings of many other places. For those wanting a quick in and out meal, you are likely to be waiting a long time for a table as each location besides the one in Putney are in extremely small venues. However on the off chance you catch it on a quiet day, pop in, it’s definitely worth it.

  2. Nutbourne

    img_3975Nutbourne is the latest offering from the Gladwin Brothers, of The Shed and Rabbit fame. The brunch here feels good as you munch away on purple potatoes and poached eggs, but rest assured there is enough food on this menu to send you rolling back across the river.

  3. Jackson and Rye

    Image Credit – Jackson & Rye

    Even though they are opening new premises left, right and centre the quality isn’t suffering. The menu is full of delicious looking fried goodies, but brunch has the normal staples for those not wanting to step directly into the deep south!

  4. Nells

    Image credit – Nells

    A wonderful little cafe on the Kings Road full of beautiful fresh food and the normal brunch egg options. Those in the know should ignore the menu and head straight up to the counter to get a lovely fresh salad or quiche. It changes every day so there is always a new surprise.

  5. Caravan – Kings Cross

    Image credit – Caravan

    Warehouse-like, urban and chic with emphasis on the coffee. This place is all about coffee with even courses around roasting your own beans. It sounds like too much effort for my morning brew but when I was there it was pretty well subscribed. The food here is great, even if the menu does look a little “clean eating-ish”. Special mention goes to the baked eggs in tomato pepper ragout! Be warned you may find yourself with a bit of a wait so be prepared to prop up the bar with a latte.

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